The president of the ICA, Ariel Guarco, was in Sunchales, capital of cooperatives in Argentina.

Grupo Sancor Seguros hosted the President and other leaders from Argentina and the Americas region on July 4.

There were, among others, the president of Cooperatives of the Americas, Graciela Fernández; and the head of the Institute of Associativism and Social Economy (Inaes) of that country, Marcelo Collomb.

The referents visited a scholar cooperatives, made up of more than 350 students and teachers. At the close of the day, there was an act at the Libertad club, where the mayor of Sunchales, Gonzalo Toselli, were also; and the president of Casa Cooperativa, Raúl Colombetti.

On Wednesday 10, in the City of Buenos Aires, Guarco participated in the commemorative event carried out by the Instituto Movilizador de Fondos Cooperativos. Held at the Cultural Center of Cooperation, the talk also featured presentations by Edgardo Form, president of IMFC, and the head of Credicoop Bank, Carlos Heller.

The president of the ICA also headed the activity that Fedecoba carried out together with Fecootra and Conarcoop, in the city of Azul.

International Cooperative Day was celebrated worldwide on July 6 with the theme Cooperatives for Decent Work.