The national delegation made the announcement at the close ceremony of the Regional Conference that was developed last week in Mexico. Buenos Aires will host the next major continental event in the framework of the International Cooperative Alliance.

From October 23th to October 26th of 2018, the cooperativism of the whole continent will beat in Buenos Aires. With this message, the V Summit was announced last Friday in Ixtapa, Mexico, where the XX Regional Conference of Cooperatives of the Americas was held throughout the week.

The Cooperative Confederation of the Argentine Republic (Cooperar) together with the other national members of the International Cooperative Alliance will host the summit, during which there will be debates and exchanges about the role of cooperatives in the regional and global scenario.

In that sense, Ariel Guarco, President of the Confederation, invited more than 700 participants to actively engage in discussions on the most urgent issues on which the cooperative movement can give an alternative answer, such as global economic concentration, environmental degradation and gender inequality.

“It is a difficult time for our continent and the world, where inequalities deepens, the environment deteriorates, walls continue to be built, nuclear weapons continue to be threatened, and financial speculation is favored in detriment of work. The cooperative movement of the Americas wants to point out that there is another way, where people is the center of our concern.”

Guarco, current candidate for the Alliance Presidency for the elections in Kuala Lumpur on November 17th during the ICA General Assembly, presented concepts and showed concrete experiences of innovation and cooperative integration that aim to democratize economic, political and social relations.

During the Conference, the president of the Gender Equality Committee to Cooperate, Gisela Wild, presented the Cooperative Pact promoted from that body of the Confederation to join commitments and actions aimed at ending violence against women. The Secretary of the Confederation, Ricardo Lopez, took the representation in the Alliance Regional Board meeting.

Gabriela Buffa, who heads the Youth Network of the International Cooperative Alliance, participated in the panels of dialogue with references from other American countries, with whom she shared the vision that the new generations can find in this model a collective and transformer project, meaningful to their lives. In the same line, the president of Cooperar Youth Committee, Agustín García, participed in the “New ways to integrate young people Forum”.

The Argentine delegation was also composed of members from the COOPERAR Regional Economies Committee, José Beamonte and Jorge Morales, who were part of the meeting of the “Red Agropecuaria de Cooperativas de las Américas”. In activities organized by the Cicopa sector, participated Nicolás Pelichoti, Carlos Leiggener, Darío Farcy and Carlos Mansilla.