This year we must be protagonists of a historic edition of the International Day of Cooperatives.

It has been 100 years since the cooperative members gathered in 1923 at the ICA, our common home, when this event was established to proudly show the world our Cooperative Identity.

In 2012, the United Nations declared that year serve as the International Year of Cooperatives, affirming that our enterprises build a better world.

Today, a decade after that milestone, we reclaim that slogan and ratify our proposal to overcome the growing social, economic and environmental challenges that we face as humanity.

Cooperatives always show that a different world is possible: A world with social justice, a world in harmony with nature, and a world in peace.

For this reason, dear cooperative members, let us celebrate this centenary edition of our day with the certainty that day by day, we are transforming our planet into a place where we can all live with dignity and where future generations can too.

Let’s continue on this path!

Let’s keep cooperating with each other to build a better world together!

Happy International Day of Cooperatives!