On February 24, 25 and 26, a series of different meetings were held with members of the International Cooperative Alliance from Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece.

The host organization was the Central Cooperative Union of Bulgaria. Its President Petar Stefanov opened its doors and welcomed entities from neighboring countries in Sofia.

There were activities with the president of the ICA, who also visited cooperatives in the capital city of Bulgaria.

Also represented during the meetings were National Union of Workers Producers Cooperatives (NUWPCB) and the Central Cooperative Bank, from Bulgaria; the Social Solidarity and Regional Development Network (KAPA Network) and the Federation of Cooperative Pharmacists (OSFE), from Greece; and the General Cooperative Alliance for Agriculture and Rural Development, from Serbia.

“I appreciate the great hospitality of my colleagues and I celebrate the opportunity to share views on the need to strengthen the integration of our movement globally.”